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    1. DNN | Phone Scams
    2. DNN | Pop-ups (C-3PO)
    3. CNN | Deceptive Advertising
    4. CNN | Android Malware (R2-D2)
    5. CNN | Ethereum Smart Contract
    6. LSTM+CNN | Sentiment Analysis (Eng)
    7. BiLSTM+CNN | Sentiment Analysis (Chi)
    8. Abstractive Summarization (Chi)
    9. Machine Reading Comprehension (Chi)
    10. Automatic Speech Recognition

    • Ph.D. thesis基於深度學習的網路威脅異常分析 (Deep learning based anomaly analysis in cyber threats)

    • Master thesis :知識本體與推論法則於台南小吃之應用 ( Applying Ontology and Inference Rules in Tainan Delicacies )

    • Book Chapter:1

      • TonTon H.-D. Huang*, G. Acampora, V. Loia, C.-S. Lee, H. Hagras, M.-H. Wang, Hung-Yu. Kao, and J.-G. Chang, “Fuzzy markup language for malware behavioral analysis,” in G. Acampora, C. S. Lee, M. H. Wang, and V. Loia (editors), On the Power of Fuzzy Markup Language, Springer-Verlag, Germany, 2012, pp. 113-131.
    • Domestic Conference Papers:4 
    • 黃獻德, 李健興, 莊宗嚴, 蔡一郎, 邱敏乘, "基於知識本體之惡意程式分析平台," 2009全國計算機會議(NCS2009), 台北, 2009.
    • 黃獻德, 蔡一郎, 邱敏乘, 李健興, 莊宗嚴, "知識本體於惡意程式行為分析之應用," 2009年臺灣網際網路研討會 (TANET2009), 彰化, 2009.
    • 李健興, 黃獻德, 莊宗嚴, "基於模糊推論代理人之Web2.0府城美食知識管理平臺," 2007全國計算機會議(NCS2007), 台中, 2007.
    • 黃獻德, 莊宗嚴, 李健興, "Web 2.0概念融入健康美食導覽-以臺南小吃導覽為例," 第二屆數位內容管理與應用學術研討會(DCMA2007), 台南, 2007.
    • Reviewer:
      • IEEE Access
      • Soft Computing
      • IEEE Systems Journal
      • IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
      • Journal of Network and Computer Applications
      • Journal of Information Security and Applications
      • IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics

    TonTon Huang (痛痛 | 黃獻德) | Deep Learning 101 (深度學習) | Malware Analysis